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Animal Vet Clinic & Veterinarian Services in Fort Walton Beach, Navarre, FL & Beyond

Wynn Haven Animal Hospital offers a full range of preventative healthcare and veterinary services. These services include vaccinations, medications, and allergy treatments as well as lab work, X-Rays, surgery, cancer treatments, and more. In addition to the services listed on this page we offer boarding for both cats and dogs. For more information about our boarding facility, contact our veterinarians today!
Preventative Healthcare
We recommend an annual wellness visit to include: physical examination, performed by a veterinarian; fecal exams for parasites; canine heartworm tests; all necessary vaccinations and periodic blood and urine tests. We also discuss your pet's nutrition status, behavior issues and parasite control measures. Pets age at a faster rate than humans. Frequent exams increase the likelihood of any abnormalities in your pet's health status being detected sooner, when they are more treatable. We recommend staying on heartworm preventative 12 months per year. 
Vaccinations are an integral part of preventive health care throughout your pet's lifetime. During your wellness appointment our veterinarians will discuss the available vaccines with you and inform you of the proper vaccination schedule for your pet. These recommendations are variable based on the species, breed, age and health status of your pet.  
Dental Work
Regular dental exams and cleanings are important to maintaining not only your pet's oral health, but overall health as well. We encourage early preventative dental procedures before periodontal disease causes loss of teeth. Bacteria from periodontal disease have a clear path to your pet's bloodstream and vital organs. The organs with the highest blood flow are most susceptible to infection: lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and even the brain. Damage to these organs caused by infection can impair your pet's quality of life. Dental cleanings are scheduled when indicated. 
For your convenience, our on-site pharmacy is well stocked with most prescribed medications so you can purchase your prescriptions at the time of your visit.  
Ultrasound and Telemedicine
We use an ultrasound machine, like the one you may have seen at your doctor's office. This machine, combined with our doctors' training, allows us to capture ultrasound and echocardiogram images. Telemedicine enables you to receive a specialist's consultation without even leaving the confines of our clinic. It's like having a Cardiologist, Radiologist and Internist on call for your pet's needs. Through our telemedicine network a second opinion can be obtained from one of these specialists without additional travel to a second appointment. This means a more rapid diagnosis and start of treatment, with less stress for you and your pet. 
Surgical Procedures
Our doctors have a broad range of surgical experience beyond just spays and neuters. Our staff is skilled in the use of some of the newest and safest anesthetic agents and surgical equipment available in the veterinary field. The use of laser equipment for many of our surgical clients means quicker recovery times. We achieve comfort for your pet by tailoring our pain management protocols and surgical techniques to fit the individual procedure and patient's needs. It is the foundation of compassionate care giving.  
Using digital X-ray technology, images are produced rapidly and can be examined by our doctors to provide feedback and diagnosis quickly. Our doctors are also trained to provide X-rays for the Orthopedic Foundation of America. These X-rays can be used for certification with the OFA. 
Cancer Treatment
This is one of the most troubling periods in your relationship with your pet. Cancer is a complicated disease and may require many difficult decisions. Our doctors are here to counsel you, and together, help you choose a course of treatment. All treatments are tailored to the needs of your pet, and your family's desires, with an emphasis on maintaining quality of life.  
Nutrition Counseling
We hear every day that Americans need to slim down and so do many of our pets. Let's develop a program to help control your pet's weight gain. Your pet's nutritional needs can be discussed with the doctors and staff during their next appointment. If your pet's health dictates a specific dietary need we will prescribe the appropriate diet. Top prescription foods used are Hill's Prescription Diet, Royal Canin and Purina Prescription Diets.
On-Site Labs
We have an on-site laboratory that enables us to perform in-house urine, blood and fecal testing in a timely fashion. We also use numerous referral laboratories specifically chosen for their expertise in advanced testing. 
Other Services
In addition to the services outlined above, we fill our days with many other services and procedures. These might include artificial insemination for breeders. Our doctors are able to perform artificial insemination in the examination room or can provide this as a surgical procedure. When your dog is ready for birth our doctors are here to help you through this process as well, including C-section if necessary.  

If you don’t see the service you feel you need for your pet, please call us to discuss your needs. We will be happy to assist you.
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