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Veterinary Surgical Technician

DECEMBER 2017 Job Opening

We are a busy three doctor practice looking for an experienced surgical technician with at least 3 years recent experience. We pride ourselves on offering our clients the very best service and expect all our employees to strive for excellence every day. We maintain a modern facility with advanced equipment, including digital ultrasound, digital x-ray, an in-house pharmacy and in-house laboratory.

This position requires a working knowledge of pharmaceutical drugs, common animal diseases; their symptoms, means of transmission, treatment and prevention, and other basic preventative health care recommendations. 

The surgical technician, above and beyond the basic requirements for all technicians (listed separately), will:
  • Review surgery schedule and set up surgeries.
  • Check in surgical patients and handle client concerns.
  • Assure that monitoring and support equipment such as anesthetic machines, cardiac monitors, scopes and breathing apparatus are in good working condition.
  • Prepare patients and all necessary instruments and equipment for surgery. 
  • Accurately prepare anesthetic according to pet’s weight and needs under the direction of the veterinarian. Have anesthetic machine and trach tube ready, if needed.
  • Assist doctor with surgical procedures. Monitor patients during surgery.
  • Monitor pet throughout recovery.
  • Clean, maintain and sterilize all instruments, gloves, drapes and equipment used.
  • Accurately and completely post all charges.
  • Communicate with and educate owners as instructed. 
  • Perform dental cleanings and procedures
  • Review sterilization dates on instruments and re-sterilize as needed.
  • Maintain all anesthetic machines, autoclave and any other equipment used in surgery.
  • Maintain inventory on all suture or surgery supplies.
  • Thoroughly clean surgery room and area. 
  • Work well with all team members and ensure that your actions support the hospital, the doctors, and the practice philosophy.
In addition to the duties listed above the surgical technician will be expected to fulfill all the requirements of the veterinary technician position, including, but not limited to:

Patient intake, recording and analyzing patient history, animal restraint during exams/procedures, vaccinations, client education, product knowledge and communication of discharge orders. Dental procedures and routine lab work, including urinalysis and reading differentials. 

Additional responsibilities for all technicians will include invoicing, preparing estimates, filling prescriptions, cleaning exam rooms and treatment areas, preparing room for appointments. Must be able to handle multiple doctor’s instructions, as well as manage 3 busy exam rooms. Must be able to communicate clearly and work well with all staff members.

The ideal candidate will be confident and compassionate in managing client issues which may include grief, client education, and financial concerns. The ideal candidate will perform well under stressful conditions, especially during emergencies. Experience working in the receptionist role is a plus, as our technicians will often be scheduled to work in the reception area as needed. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, a quick thinker, have excellent communication skills, strong organizational skills, problem solving ability and the ability to multitask in a stressful environment. The ideal candidate will be computer literate and not afraid of advances in technology. We expect all our employees to be ethical, responsible, reliable, and respectful in all situations. 

Reference and Background Check will be required for potential employment. An Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Type: Full-time, will include Saturday hours at least 2 times a month
Experience required: 3 years minimum

Please submit your resume and cover letter to admin@wynnhavenanimalhospital.com
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